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Learn Thai Online

Learn to speak and read Thai efficiently.

Our Thai lessons will help you to develop your Thai language naturally.

We offer One-on-One Thai lessons online via Skype. Our Thai language courses are flexible and can be tailored to suit each individual's needs. Students can choose their prefered schedule. Private one to one classes and small groups enable plenty of conversation time, so students can master Thai more quickly!

HelloLearnThai offers a full range of Thai language courses. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced Thai learner, our teachers are dedicated to achieving your success. They know how to build up your confidence and keep you constantly motivated.

Our Courses

Develop the ability to use the Thai language effectively for purposes of practical communication.

Improve your knowledge of Thai grammar, pronunciation and intonation.

Discuss a variety of topics and learn Thai
vocabulary and expressions.

Build up your confidence in spoken Thai.

A structured course tailored to your needs and
your Thai level.

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How It Works

We offer Thai classes online, learn Thai language with native Thai teachers on Skype.

1-on-1 lessons are the most rapid and effective way to develop your language skills and give you more opportunities to practice Thai.

Our highly qualified and experienced language teachers who make learning Thai easy and effectively. You will learn Thai based on real life situations so that you can learn to communicate confidently in Thai.

Learn from home, office or anywhere.

The class times are flexible for your convenience.

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Free Trial lesson

If you are interested in our Thai lessons, take our
free trial lesson. Based on your requests, we will select a suitable teacher and arrange the lesson.

If you have any questions about our trial lesson, please feel free to contact us.

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Start Your Course

Just contact us by email and tell us what your purpose, your plan and your schedule for learning Thai.
Email: hellolearnthai@gmail.com

How to order Thai course

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Our Thai Teachers

All our teachers are native Thai speakers with university degrees. They are fully qualified Thai teachers with years of teaching experience. They know how you can improve your Thai language.

Study Advisor

You can discuss your Thai learning objectives with our advisor who will let you know which programme would be most suitable. The advisor will design a personalized and professional study plan for you!
You can contact Study Advisor by send a Email.


How It Works
Skype Lesson

Thai Lessons
Easy Thai Words
Simple sentences
Learn Thai with pictures
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Thai Numbers

1 หนึ่ง nʉ̀ng
2 สอง sɔɔ̌ng
3 สาม sǎam
4 สี่ s̀ii
5 ห้า hâa
6 หก hòk
7 เจ็ด jèt
8 แปด pɛ̀ɛt
9 เก้า kâw
10 สิบ s̀ip
11 สิบเอ็ด s̀ip èt
12 สิบสอง s̀ip sɔɔ̌ng
20 ยี่สิบ ŷii s̀ip
30 สามสิบ sǎam s̀ip
90 เก้าสิบ kâw s̀ip
100 หนึ่งร้อย nʉ̀ng rɔ́ɔy


Customer Feedback

"I enjoyed the Thai lesson with my teacher. She kept me motivated to speak Thai and she took the time to correct my mistakes." (Ali W. from US)

"My teacher was a very kind. The lessons were interesting and useful. She also gave me advice about living in Thailand."
(Akira F. from Japan)





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